The fees charged to publish your book are for services rendered during the production of your book. However, there are on-going activities that continue long after the book is released for which no additional fees are charged.

For example, we periodically maintain and refresh your book listings to extend the life of your book as far as retailers are concerned.

We also list your book and your bio on our website and publish a press release about you and your book there too.

Periodically, we will notify you of publicity and marketing opportunities that might be suitable for you, including, but not limited to, joint venture possibilities, media opportunities, book awards and review opportunities.

We also randomly promote the books we publish across our social platform, which currently totals more than 11,000 followers and connections, and periodically run small ad campaigns to promote our books as well.

Since we don't charge specifically for any of these activities, but they have a direct impact on book sales, our business model includes a 50/50 royalty split between Emerald Lake Books and the author for all distribution channels set up by the publisher.

The proceeds from any sales the author makes from their own website or in-person events are solely theirs to keep, and the reverse is true for the publisher. Sales made from the Emerald Lake Books website or events we attend will be credited solely to us.